About Us

Noodle Words was designed and produced at NoodleWorks Interactive, an innovative digital design group specializing in interactive children’s media.

NoodleWorks was founded by Mark Schlichting, a well-known pioneer of the children’s multimedia and interactive design industry. He is an expert in children’s design and probably best known as the creator of Brøderbund/ Random House’s Living Books series of interactive books. Mark is the creator of Noodle Words.

Throughout his career, Mark’s titles have won over 100 national and international awards for excellence in entertainment and education. Mark is the author/illustrator of Harry and The Haunted House, a book and CD-ROM title that sold over 300,000 copies in six languages. He is currently completing a book on the psychology and art form of computer interaction titled, Understanding Kids - Designing Interactive Media for Children. Mark directly applied the lessons from this book in the creation of Noodle Words.


Barbara Chase is the executive producer for Noodle Words. A technical goddess and network specialist, Barbara was a producer on the award winning Galaxy Classroom educational series and is passionate about the ability to support children’s learning through exploration and interactive discovery.





Great programming is often invisible to the user, but makes the magic of interactivity come alive. Noodle Words was produced in partnership with Yadong Liu and his programming team at KwiqApps Inc.