"Noodle Words is one of those gems that kids will still love when they grow up, and that their families will giggle about together, over and over. The app presents words to play with, and the words play back! Mark Schlichting's silliness and brilliance sing once again in this marvelous app. Kids will learn about verbs in the playful way you wish they could learn everything. How marvelous that you don't have to wait to get it! I recommend Noodle Words most highly. You'll love it!"

-- Ann H. McCormick, PhD
Founder, The Learning Company


Noodle Words is a word toy for kids ages 4-7, an innovative new concept for introducing words and their meanings through engaging interaction.  "At NoodleWorks, we believe learning is fun, which is why we offer alternative opportunities for kids to learn through the joy of play", said Mark Schlichting.  "It is our goal to create a new category of interactive educational media that deserve to be called Toys."

Noodle Words includes 18 action words (verbs) that convey their meanings through lively movement and sound.  The Noodle Bugs further reinforce word comprehension as they enthusiastically act out each word's meaning with their silly and spirited antics.  Young readers can interact with the words or the cute bugs using the iPad's touch screen.  They literally play with the words to make SPIN spin and JUMP jump.


Target Audience
Created for children ages 4 through 7, but older kids and adults love it too.


Press Releases
(available as PDF downloads)

    November 16, 2011 - NoodleWorks Interactive Launches Noodle Words - A Children's Word Toy for iPad

    December 14, 2011 - NoodleWorks Interactive Wins Two Coveted KAPi Awards for 2012





Noodle Words Icon

Noodle Words Screen Shot - Tutorial

Noodle Words Screen Shot - Dance

Noodle Words Screen Shot - Pump

Noodle Words Screen Shot - Words

Noodle Words Screen Shot - Laugh


More Information
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