Noodle Words is a wonderful app to play with children. Some kids love to show off what they can do, and others love to laugh with you when the Noodle Bugs do something silly. So, we want to share some of the hidden features the kids might not find right away. We hope playing together with your children brings you the same joy we had while making this app.
             Thanks, the Noodle Words team.



• Tap-able Words

Tap a word and it will animate. Some of the words, like Grow and Pump,animate with a sequence of several taps.


• Drag-able Words

Hold and drag most of the words to move them around as they animate. (Grow, Pop, and Surprise are not drag-able.) Drag the animating word near the Noodle Bugs and they will react as long as you hold the word.


• Tap-able Bugs

Tap each Noodle Bug separately to see their own reaction for each word. Tap between the bugs to see additional related animations. Going to the green “word picker” screen via the “all” button, and then returning to the same word often brings up extra animations when the space between the bugs is tapped.


• Shake the Device

Tap “dance” and then shake the device to change the music! Shake the word “shake” to make it shake.


• Blow on Microphone

When “blow” is on the screen, blow into the microphone and the word will blow across the screen. If you turn the device over and blow again (on the microphone) the word blows across the screen in the opposite direction.


• Rapid-taps

Tap rapidly on the box, and it will go crazy. (It was a mistake the kids loved, so we added it.) Rapid-tap on the bugs, and most words, to restart their animations and sounds quickly.


• Do the Actions

Another great (and fun) way to enhance word recognition and meaning is to do the actions of the words with your kids. Jump. bump, dance, and spin with them. The kids love acting them out.